Simple Blue


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Liner Notes

As the name implies, this is yet another simple instrumental, composed in the middle of the night in a sleep-deprivation-induced calm. It is named for the simple blue guitar I used for all 4 guitar tracks (actually 5 if you include the track with just one effected G7 chord that rings out early in the song).

I just finished refurbishing a god-awful pink strat body I inherited that had been intentionally chipped and pock-marked by it's previous owner... I sanded it down to find beautiful alder beneath the paint with interesting figuring from the abuse dealt by it's previous owner, so I decided to go with a transparent blue stain. In addition to the facelift, I also put new electronics into this guitar which now has David Gilmour signature pickups.

I just finished building the guitar up from the refurbed body, and while I was tuning it up, not intending to play at all, I came up with the main motif of this tune. Not one to pass up inspiration, I composed this song immediately after finishing tuning.



© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios