New Music Ensemble


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Liner Notes

Back in 1991-1992 I was studying recording engineering / classical guitar at Colin County Community College and I took a course called "New Music Ensemble."

The basic gist was finding new ways to play familiar instruments, and we did odd things like dropping drumsticks in grand pianos so they rattled during playing, beating on guitars as percussion instruments, etc... it was such an oddball experience I think I dropped it after one session.

Anyway, that experience inspired this tune - the guitars are multi-tracked because I open-tuned to an Eb chord and used drumsticks to play the chords I needed, then capoed to Ab and Bb in subsequent passes... I also used my imagination for the rhythm section and bassline... lots of fun, but it could be argued my time would have been better spent sleeping.

Aqua out...

-- Update Monday, Sept. 8 (2008) --

For the curious, the sounds heard on this song are:
1. breathing - recorded in 3 takes to avoid hyperventilation!
2. guitars - tuned to open chords and hit with drum sticks
3. percussion
- drum sticks on my desk
- screwdriver scraped along face of G5 computer tower
4. bassline - the retarded composer of this song singing



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