Puppy Piranha


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Liner Notes

Alright, I've done too many sad or sappy or otherwise serious songs lately, time for mindless goofiness... this one is a dance mix and the subject matter is much more light-hearted.

This one is dedicated to the darker side of my adorable, now 10-week old Beagle puppy "Maggie Sue." The song refers to her being 8 weeks because that was her age upon adoption.

By the way, absolutely no animals, especially puppies, were injured during the recording of this song... the disturbing noise in the instrumental breakdown was my puppy Maggie howling, she got scared because she hurt her teeth while playing pull with a toy and, demented as it was, once I added panning and echo effects it fit the song perfectly with the demonic sound of it... yes, I know full-well I will go directly to hell for using that sample... so be it... the price of my art. ;-)


I got this little puppy
A sweetheart we named Maggie
She’s such a little cutie
My sweetest little baby

An 8 week Beagle puppy
She’s tiny but she’s strong-willed
They warned me she was teething
But I had no idea

Puppy Piranha

My pup may like to play rough
But I refuse to be her martyr
I scold her to be gentle
And then she bites me harder

She looks so cute and tiny
But don’t ya let that fool ya
Just when you least expect it
Those tiny razors get ya

Puppy Piranha

She bites the hand that feeds her
She bites your arms and legs too
As long as she can reach it
She’ll go for any piece of you

So let this be a lesson
When shopping for a god ya’ll
Don’t let that sweet face fool ya
It may conceal a puppy piranha

Puppy Piranha…

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios