Hair on the Floor


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Liner Notes

This was my first Hoopshank-Wille automatically generated challenge - what a blast!

I couldn't find my slide, so I used a Corona bottle, which gave this song a great authentic, old-school feel. Percussion was just me slapping the face of the guitar... Again, lots of fun...

Challenge 38: Imitate the style of a famous musician or band (Robert Johnson) Challenge 94: Guitarists - dust off that slide and use it in a song! Challenge 198: Compose/perform a song in which the 'My Hair Is On the Floor' lyrics provided by Ben H. are used.

Take note of the challenge code if you want to find this challenge again: 38-94-198

If you complete this mission, you will earn 15 Hoopshank-Wille points.

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I'm going bald
Too late to buy a comb
Yeah it’s windy, and my hair is on the floor

As I'm strapped into a chair
Well it really isn't fair
Can’t bend over and pick up my hair from the floor

Now I feel like dyin’
And though I’m not yet cryin’
Thinkin’ ‘bout starting
‘Cuz my barber’s been farting
And my hair’s on the floor

Well the smell is getting bad
And I'm feeling rather sad
You filthy barber
And your flatulent parlor
Yeah you make me really mad

Yeah my hair’s on the floor
Wind is blowing out the door
My heart is broken watchin’ my hair fall to the floor

And what is more
I’m feeling slightly cold
Want to knit a sweater from my hair on the floor

Goin’ insane with rage
Just ain’t on the same page
Starting to unwind
Complexities of my mind
Falling down like my hair on the floor

Now I think it’s a sin
The sadness I feel within
Not lessoned at all
When I take the time to recall
That I am in fact a chin

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios