Fairies of Summer


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Liner Notes

This one was another great collaboration, I'm starting to wonder if I will ever enjoy writing a song by myself again! (Kidding... mostly...)

This was an intense experience for me, well outside my comfort zone too... Unique structure, interesting guitar phrasing since usually I just strum an acoustic... this is my first time songwriting using Travis Picking (which Molly liked after I demonstrated by playing "Dust in the Wind").

Then we explored chord selections, worked out vocal phrasing, lyrical changes for singability, and song structure; all collaboratively... incredible synergy here!!!

Anyway, since the lyrics on this one were almost completely written by Molly, with minor adjustments by me for singability (she's evolved from poet to established lyricist!), I'll step aside and let her explain the inspiration behind this one:

This song was inspired by Abigail Bayer and is a tribute to both our childhood and life-long friendship.


Dancing among the tall tree canopies
Running over rainbowed skies
Splashing in the sunbathed waters
Laying in the tall wheat fields

We were fairies of the summer skies

Floating among Zeus's shining stars
Prancing alongside the centaur
Laughing as the wood nymphs do
Adventuring along with you

We were fairies of the summer skies

Glistening strands lighting our hair
Sunning on long endless days
Glinting eyes shining brightly
Enticing smiles were our delight

We were fairies of the summer skies

Transcending all worldly troubles
Creating childlike magic joy
Traveling on our mystic journeys
Intertwining souls forever

We were fairies of the summer skies

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios