Molly Meuse


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Liner Notes

Alright, here's my first sentimental / mushy / romantic tune of 50/90, this one is for my amazing lyrical collaborator and muse, the very lovely and very talented "Molly Meuse."


We got started turning poems to songs
First on email then she came along
To my place
We wrote 'til 2AM

She's got a way of bringing out my best
This kind of bond? I would have never guessed
Who knew?
She's just my Molly Meuse

Is it the way that her poems inspire?
Or just the way her smile lights my fire?
My god...
Stop thinking 'bout kissing her!!!

I try new chords while she adjusts her rhyme
When we're together we just lose all sense...
Of time
Yeah she's my Molly Meuse

I haven't really known her all that long...
Probably shouldn't be writing this song...
Or at least not posting it...

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios