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Liner Notes

This song was another that was written as part of a totally independent challenge to write a poem or lyrics about a color using only 5 lines of 3-5 words each. The previous two songs I posted were derivations of Molly's poems for the challenge, this short and simple song was mine. So, I guess what I'm saying is this one is simplistic and a bit trite, obviously the result of my solo work without my new "muse" Molly. ;-)

This one was also an effort on my part to try to stick to simple, guitar and voice songwriting since it seems to fit the genre of these sites more than my metal / garage rock stuff.... wow, musicians are turning me into a conformist?!? There's something not right about that...


Green is the color
Inspiring this song tonight
Like the deepest ocean
Shown in your eyes

Green is a color
Like calm serenity
Bringing peace...
After the storm

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios