AquaMunkee Songwriting - Independent & Collaborative Songwriting Services

The AquaMunkee Band is really just one person, Brian Morse - also known as AquaMunkee. Brian uses his various musical interests and a multi-track recording studio to compose music for the following reasons:

  • FAWM - the February Album Writing Month
  • 50/90 - the 50 Songs in 90 Days songwriting challenge
  • Freelance Writer for Hire - Professional Songwriting Services, email AquaMunkee for details

February Album Writing Month (FAWM)

50 Songs in 90 Days

Note - this site is under construction as I am still working out what content belongs here. Primarily this page will introduce contract songwriting and also provide links to songs already written.

Apologies for the mess, but you may still find some interesting stuff here!