AquaMunkee Divemaster Candidates

Andy Pharo

Andy Pharo, Divemaster Candidate

Andy Pharo was in the first AquaMunkee Scuba class after 3 Little Devils closed. Although his work at Pharo Marine makes his schedule difficult, time spent pursuing his passion for interpretive dance is also slowing him down. Still, he should complete his Divemaster certification during the 2013 season.

The Pearsons

Jon & Julia Pearson, Candidate Couple Extraordinaire

Jon Pearson

Jon Pearson, Divemaster Candidate

Jon Pearson is an avid diver and all around great guy, and in 2012 he distinguished himself as the first Rescue Diver student to successfully complete a Number 27 with a Cranberry Twist, with a Nickelback Half Gainer to boot! Well done Jon... well done...

Julia Pearson

Julia Pearson, Divemaster Candidate

Julia Pearson is the beauty, braun, and brains of this dynamic duo. Although she loves diving, she is not overly fond of cold water diving and she often wonders if ice diving should even be legal since assisted suicide is against the law here in Wisconsin.

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AquaMunkee Scuba is a PADI training facility, focused on the PADI approach to diver education and also offering training through the related organizations DSAT/Tec Rec and Emergency First Response.